Angela Jett Founder/Herbalist

Angela Jett has been a community herbalist for over 11 years. She is certified in Aromatherapy and Natural Product Manufacturing. She favors a holistic approach to all things health-related and advocates for people seeking treatment as an individual.

We take a whole-person approach to wellness and believe in integrative health.

Discovery Call

This 15-minute complimentary call allows us to briefly get to know one another and prepare for our first consultation. Discovery calls are beneficial for individuals who are unsure of how wellness consultants can help them, but they also allow the herbalist to get to know your needs.


Initial Consultation

During this 90-minute consultation, we discuss your health history and journey up to this point. We visit things that have worked for you in the past and things that may not have been as helpful. After we have talked about your goals, we create a plan, which may include lifestyle changes, herbal protocols, or supplements. The plan that we make together is your plan to implement however you choose. You have the option to purchase herbal formulas or supplements from Living Remedy, but it is not a requirement.


Family Consultation

We have found that clients feel more successful with their family’s support. The family consultation is designed for individuals who prefer to meet with the herbalist alongside their family members. This may include a spouse, children, parents, siblings, roommates, or anyone they view as family. These consultations usually last about 2 hours for a family of four but are adjusted according to family size and needs. During this time, we discuss each individual’s concerns but address them with the context of the entire family in mind.

starting at $199


After your initial consultation/first family consultation, we meet with you on an ongoing basis. Follow-up video calls usually evaluate goals and determine what steps are needed to achieve them. This is a time for us to celebrate the wins and readjust in any areas that have not been successful. True wellness is obtained over time, and we hope to support you through your progress.

$99 for 60 minutes

$75 for 30 minutes

Individual Membership

Membership for the Individual who wishes to streamline their services.

Family Membership ↗

Membership for the family who wants to conveniently track the family’s progress.

Returning Member

Membership for a returning client or member.

*The prices listed do not include any additional formulas or products that the client may wish to include in their action plan.

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.

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